Colin’s Helpful Tips to Finding the Right Painting Contractor

Important things to remember and verify:

  • Always ask for and follow up on reputable verifiable references.
  • Always look at the products your Contractor intends to use. Lower quality Contractor and budget lines do not last you will regret letting a contractor use low end products and it will cost you at least double over time, as you will be repainting much sooner.
  • Make sure your contactor has WCB (if not you are responsible for the cost of all work place injuries resulting from your project, no matter how small your project) go on line to to verify your contractors compliance and get a clearance letter for your protection.
  • Make sure your Contactor has sufficient Liability insurance; I suggest at least $2,000,000.00 of coverage (if not your home insurance or even worse you are liable for any potential claims occurring from work done by an uninsured party). So, always ask for a current copy of the contractors insurance!
  • Ask to see or get the number/location for your contractor’s current local Business licence. (you can call your local municipality to verify its authenticity)
  • GST: make sure your contractor has a valid GST number.
  • Ask your contactor for his/her credentials or red seal certification, sadly anyone can claim to be an experienced/qualified painter, so watch out for con artists and fly by nights.
  • Unsure about anything included or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. A good contractor will always take the time to explain things to you.
  • It’s a good idea to get a second quote and compare.  Always make sure your comparing apples to apples.
  • Never Judge a painting quote on price alone! You will usually only get work, products and quality in line with what you pay, most often not what you expected. While Price is always a concern and contributing factor. The lowest price may not always be the best. Look for hidden extras, things missing from the quote and incomplete untidy quotes. If you’re not sure and your gut tells you something is wrong listen to it!
  • Ask if your contactor has Employees or Subcontractors. As a norm most reputable companies will hire qualified painters full time and part time. Not just sub out your project to an individual or individuals that may or may not conform to any of the above.
  • Never pay the majority or all the costs of your project up front. While a small draw is acceptable at times, I strongly suggest you wait for work to start before considering even a small draw or advance. No honest Painting Contractor will ask you to pay up front or in advance for services not yet rendered. (special order materials would be the only exception).
  • Upon awarding your contract. Setting a reasonable, moderately flexible schedule in writing, for work start and completion date is advisable.