Painting is an easy cost effective way of protecting your investment.

Your home, condo, apartment, commercial or rental building is one of the bigger investments you ever will make.

Maintenance is the key to keep your investments value increasing.

We offer a wide variety of services: From low cost maintenance visits like  touch ups and re-painting small areas that need attention, all the way up to full repaints. While many new products carry limited extended warrantees, they do not cover your regular maintenance.

We advise all our customers to examine the finishes on the exterior of their homes every spring and the interior surfaces every 2 – 3 years. Spending a moderate amount every year or two will save you the significant cost of a major re-paint down the road.

  • Sand Blasting

  • Fine wood staining

  • Faux Painting

  • Anti-graffiti

  • Multyfleck

  • Epoxy’s

  • Polyurethanes

  • Lacquering and much more.

Wall-coverings and ceiling papers are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also very durable and low in maintenance costs. This is the reason they are used so extensively in higher end hotels and other commercial applications.

They also add a little flair and personality to favorite areas in your home.

There are many styles of wall coverings, from anaglypta a paintable wall & ceiling paper, delicate printed paper patterns & designs all the way up to heavy grade commercial coverings

Why call a drywall company for that small repair when painting your home? Let us do it for you at a reasonable cost that will save you money as we are already on site. We will do small to large patches, replacing broken beads, fixing bad tape lines, texture repairs and texture removal. Sick of that dated Popcorn ceiling that is failing or just looks ugly then give us a call?

An absolute must, prior to painting old exterior surfaces and a minor part of your painting cost.

Some painters will tell you “it’s ok to just brush down the outside of your home.” This is a myth. While it may remove cobwebs and obvious debris, it will not remove 5, 10, or even 20+ years of airborne dust and dirt accumulation. New paint does not adhere properly to a dirty ill prepared surface. While your paint job may look good without it and last a year or so, fixing things if or when they fail, just because you elected not to wash it properly to save a few dollars, can be a costly and time consuming lesson.

Parking lots in:  malls, Parkades, Apartments, Offices, Condos, including underground.

We will re-paint your existing lines, change existing colours, and even lay out new parking lots then paint them. This service includes all curbs, parking stalls and ground based signage.


Kellco Custom Painting is a locally owned family business based in Penticton serving The South Okanagan. We are licenced and fully insured for residential, commercial and industrial projects.